Biohack Your Sex Health + Ageless Sensuality

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Biohack Your Sex Health + Ageless Sensuality — YouTube

So the name of this podcast is biohacking sex, health, love, and sensuality we’ll be sharing with you one of the secrets of my patient’s ageless sense of identity and her biohacking process. She incoporates newness in her self-care and medical routines, she keeps learning new things and every time I see her, she’s doing something new that’s helping with her graceful aging. She’s so inspiring, so I want to share her secret with all of you.

This conversation below is between Dr. De Freitas and Barbara Myriam Ventura, you can watch the full conversation here: Biohack Your Sex Health + Ageless Sensuality — YouTube

Dr. De Freitas: So Myriam, first you’re going to tell us how old you are because I know your immunity age but what’s your chronological age?

Barbara Myriam Ventura: Well, so you want to start with my age, that’s fine I believe age is a number. I’m chronoloigcally going to be 71 years old in a few months and as I said, I believe age is just a number what really matters is how we feel.

Dr. De Freitas: But how do we get to feel ageless? Like you’re saying?

Barbara Myriam Ventura: I guess I don’t know if I would consider this a secrets but I will say that one of my priorities in life has been to be marinated in love. That is one of the things that maintains our whole system. Not only external but internal in alignment, that alignment, I believe is key for everything else. So if I start with diet, I have to say that years ago, many years ago, I dealt with an autoimmune condition. That brought me me to understand that it was my responsibility to have proper tuition and to be searching help from doctors. That was when I was 35 years old. So me I became a biohacker a long time ago when biohacking wasn’t even a thing.

Dr. De Freitas: You were searching yourself, you became your advocate, trying to find options within medicine or all the science and all their practices, correct?

Barbara Myriam Ventura: That’s correct 35 years ago, nobody knew what auto-immune even was. So I had to discover what was happening what was going on through researching. So with the help of what you call biohacking, it was biological medicine, which is pretty similar and I was able to start with a proper diet. So correct nutrition and as well as supplementing and balancing my whole system and from there on things started little by little to get better.

Dr. De Freitas: May I ask something very interesting about diet? When you say diet can you tell us briefly what you think is the ideal diet for you? Then generally for everyone and how you discovered what was your good and what made you feel good to keep your immune system like chill and happy and working well. So what is that diet?

Barbara Myriam Ventura: So the first thing I eliminated was everything that is not natural. So I went to vegetables, to fruit to grains, to everything that was not manmade. In other words, all the sugary cakes and, and candy and sweets and everything that diverts from nature. That was like the basic start, right.

Dr. De Freitas: This was the first thing, the nutritional part, then came in the hormones which are very controversial. But you were already embeded with identical hormones. So you have already done your research you learn about what was available that was better for you, and you have chosen to go into bio-identical hormones.

It was easy because I just have to start monitoring that and adjust that as she moves along in her process of changing and getting healthy. So but there is a lot of data on the importance of having your hormones and nutrients well balanced and I call that biomolecular balance, because it balances you, the genes, your function, like the gene expressions and all that is when your hormones are balanced and your nutrients get right, all the chemical stuff like processes of the how the body starts working at it’s best. In terms of your hormones, tell us a little bit about what made you chose to go to bioidentical hormones and how that impacts your life at this age.

Barbara Myriam Ventura: Okay, so let’s jump 1015 years after starting to eat a proper diet and starting to supplement properly, and throw research and everything that was in there. My system at the age of 50 some years old. I then started to notice the changes that came along that required some change something that was supposed to be brought in, for my life to continue the same way because as I said before, I have not seen age as an obstacle or a hindrance for life to develop itself. So I did some research on the bioidentical hormones, the gels, the creams, and I realized that there is a lot out there that’s being done in using them improperly.

I had some consequences of that, I then ended up getting all your input Dr. De Freitas, which seems to be very traditional, very not exaggerated, to be conservative, you know, but they’ve been really into a conservative with a balance that was not going to harm me. So, when I started with your direction, then my whole system just maintains itself in a way that I can continue with my life active life and be not be 70 some years old.

Dr. De Freitas: I have to say that I cannot take the whole credit for that. Because I proudly say that I tried to champion my expertise with my patients’ intuition and it’s true because when we’re talking about labs and adjustments of medication, especially with people like Myriam, you’re really in tune with your body. After all, since you know you were young when you had the autoimmune diagnosis, that made you start searching and connecting the dots. That’s when she became my biohacker trying to get the best of science and technology to put it together and take care of herself.

So when I talk to her, and when we always meet, I always tried to let her make the last decision. With a lot of patients and their inputs that they give me like how you feel is not only the number in your blood work, we always look into how you feel with what you’re doing and if there are changes, and sometimes even in the blood work it doesn’t show but you’re feeling the changes, we adjust things accordingly. We’re always in a personalized process, right? It’s a constant process and it makes medicine more beautiful, I think it’s more interesting than the relationship a real relationship like natural, right.

Myriam you said something that was really beautiful that it’s like, Myriam needed love and it’s really interesting, because one of the studies that I love the most, it’s about stem cells, and how they react to love and in fact, there is a study on when we are in love with life when we’re marinated in love and you’re going to tell me how you did that for yourself?

So really, we start producing oxytocin and oxytocin is the love hormone and when you put love the love hormone, with stem cells in a capsule in like a petri dish in the lab, and you see how stem cells react to oxytocin, they usually react positively. The other important thing that we’ve learned is that when you put oxytocin in cancer cells, cancer cells go into what we call apoptosis. Cancer cells don’t like life, they don’t survive in that environement but stem cells thrive in it. I think that’s something that we don’t think about it, we put so much work into finding things to kill cancer we put so much work into finding things, the perfect pill, to prevent aging, and or slow down aging. We have to add love, I think that when you start practicing love, you develop, and you know, and you choose to live life with love. I want to see how you have since your beginning what you needed in love because I think that’s a key thing for what you have accomplished in life.

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Barbara Myriam Ventura: Well, you bring up a word that has so many connotations, and associations, and has been used and misuse and properly used but I guess at this stage of the game, I would have to say that love is the essence of our being. Love is the source of what we are, who we are, that discovery that has taken many years, but there are so many things, so many ingredients that come into play, to allow that vibration of frequency. That if we maintain ourselves there, it’s a source of life it’s a source of health, it’s nourishing, and if we attain that, that’s going to be like fulfilling a purpose in life. Because once we get to that discovery, then we’re doing fine.

Dr. De Freitas: That’s lovely. Love Is everyone and love is everywhere as well, I mean, as we take our daily walks in nature, or we simply fulfill our eyes, our ears, our five senses, with those sources that come in through those frequencies. Just even by looking at the ocean is enough for us to develop that. It’s very beautiful and very sensual, as well and not only the ocean, but there’s also beauty, there’s beauty and mountains and vegetation and trees and flowers, in people and relationships those are key. All that brings to us a place where we can marinate ourselves in love and mighty nature.

A lot of my patients ask me, one of the main concerns in this society is hormones and sex life, guys and girls, as you know, I do age management and getting people to age well, and a lot of my patient’s main concern is one of them is yes, hormones. Of course, the chemical balance is really important and nutrients and all that but what is central? The touch of everything, it has you in the mood and I’ve discovered seeing hundreds of people maybe 1000, because I’ve been parcticing medicine for 20 years is that the people who age, are more empowering and more beautiful and graceful who keep in touch with life sensualities. They see sensuality in everything, they transpire central identity just because you look at the ocean, you breathe the fresh air, or you feel it and that’s the feeling you use it just will make you feel, you. It also allows you to feel connected, If they’re disconnected from the matrix, let’s put it that way from the modern life pace, you get into the same vibe, because it’s continuous energy as you were saying, and if your energy is there, and somebody sits next to you is going feel it.

Barbara Myriam Ventura: Yes, through meditation, through many different ways, you know, there are so many different practices, and it doesn’t matter which one you’re in as long as you do practice, you get in touch with the source of life, which is, and some people think, on meditation, and they just think, in the monk mode. So we’re talking about sexual health, and then we’re talking about meditation. But meditation, not only positively impacts your genes, and maybe your age

in a way that you’re like, it just slowed down the clock. And it’s been proven by telomere work. That was the 2009 Nobel Prize. So this is a real thing. So but meditation enhances your sex life, enhances your sensuality, with life, you’re in love, you’re marinated with love kind of thing. Because when you bring your vibrations to that level, as Miriam was saying, because you elevate yourself when you meditate and meditate, as she was saying, No, necessarily is sitting like a monkey in the middle of a call montane 30 hours, and, and do not eat. But a lot of people’s meditation is called, is fishing, it’s dancing. As long as you’re connected with what you’re doing, It’s even creativity.

Dr. De Freitas: How do you become addicted to life?

Barbara Myriam Ventura: The thing is that the more you discover that connection and that coherence your mind and your heart and your emotions and your body sensations, and everything is regulated and everything enters a space of sensuality, everything becomes beautiful. Everything moves at a pace that brings along those frequencies and those vibrations and even sound, you know, you start listening to the way your surrounding is. Once you start, you don’t want to quit, and you want more and you explore so life becomes an adventure, and sensuality brings more sensuality.

Dr. De Freitas: When your life is sensual, you bring that to bed, so you don’t have to make and get like flowers and get all these like things that people need to enhance their life because you already have a wall within you that you bring everywhere and you share with everyone who loves you. So I think that’s the key and that’s one of the things that I’ve learned from your Myriam and that I’m so grateful. Anything else you want to share with us?

Barbara Myriam Ventura: No, I just want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share a few of my aging secrets if these even are considered secrets out there for everybody else.

Watch the full podcast episode here: Biohack Your Sex Health + Ageless Sensuality — YouTube




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