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The Links Between Immunity and Inflammaging

We blame stress, aging, poor diet, sugar, environmental toxins, too much coffee, too little coffee, lack of sleep, bad relationships, poor digestion, difficult day at work, modern lifestyle, lack of time, lack of purpose, poor health, poor self-esteem, depression, anxiety and so on, stop making excuses. So what exactly is inflammaging? Inflammation causes immune dysfunction which leads to more immunosenescence, and that feeds right back into inflammation and aging, today it’s known as inflammaging.

This pandemic has come to awaken us to the fact that the majority are not aging healthfully. Billions in dollars were spent and unimaginable numbers of lives were lost in the U.S. and the world, partly because we did not recognize that. As Forbes reports, covid caught us ill-prepared inflammaging definition is correlated with an unbalanced suboptimal immune army, weakened by stress and low chronic inflammation, we cannot ever again be taken unaware. The year 2020 has suggested a new form of medicine, It’s time for a global immune reset.

At ONOGEN, this is exactly what happened to a patient of ours who was inflammaging due to chronic stress, after the patient’s first preventive therapy and the chronic symptoms started subsiding which brought the patient’s strength back. The patient then was able to slowly incorporate exercise into their routine and moved from a regular diet to a cleaner diet and started intermittent fasting customized to their genes and removing processed food, sugar, dairy, and gluten, and increasing his intake of fruits and vegetables. This resulted in a stronger anti-inflammatory response and healthy aging.


Knowing the importance of nutrigenetics can make or break your health, the correlation is well connected between diet and illnesses. Although fruits are certainly a great source of micronutrients and antioxidants, some of them are also high in sugar and should be eaten in moderation, using wisdom. Berries are the most beneficial in terms of nutrient-sugar ratio; therefore, they are the group our MD recommends the most. If you are going to break an intermittent fast with berries, pair it up with nuts, or make a shake and add protein and a teaspoon of coconut oil to slow down sugar absorption and prevent insulin peak. Shakes are a practical way to get plenty of micronutrients.

Processed foods are full of additives and preservatives, as well as loaded with sugar and sodium. Vegetables and fruits may be coming from contaminated soils and probably have been sprayed several times with pesticides to prevent them from being eaten by insects. If insects would not eat it, why would you? This is why our MD would recommend molecular anti inflammaging testing to understand your microbiome and gut health.

If people want to take control of their Inflammaging, they need to monitor their nutrition intake and see if “anti-inflammatory” foods are decreasing any inflammation, then comes the stress factor If we’re under stress, it’s easy to forget to help our stomach & immune system to work better when placed under pressure. It’s time to clean up those stressful environments a gut detox can help absorb more nutrients from food once your gut feels healthy and clean. Then a series of IVs can clean out what’s truly impacting your inflammaging levels, remember intravenous therapies get to that biomolecular core which gets to the root cause of inflamamging.

While a healthy and well-balanced immune system signals healing and regeneration to our stem cells, an exhausted and out-of-balance immune system may produce overwhelming pro-inflammatory signaling, triggering aging, organ failure, and deterioration. We now understand that aging signs start appearing when the aging signals overcome the healing signals, causing everything from saggy skin and wrinkling to functional decline and age-related diseases like dementia, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer. Several factors have been found to influence this process, such as diet, micronutrient levels, stress management, genetics, and even drugs and medications.

What’s changed since the pandemic is the medical expertise; government officials and leading scientists had a motion of survival which ended up in a generalized decision for the public instead of a personalized one. At ONOGEN we have a system specifically designed to measure and monitor Immunity Age, through advanced algorithms that analyze your lifestyle and specific DNA methylation patterns to give you an easy-to-understand reading of your body’s pace of aging. Take the quiz here

Vaccine induced-immunity vs natural immunity

Like your fingerprints, your immune system is unique just like it. Your immune system is strong, getting to the biomolecular core is going to make it stronger. We have bypassed nature, we gave people a vaccine massively and rapidly to make the immune system respond to something that is exposed already but for a new virus, we need to build up immunity. Remember all humans have a rejuvenation process.

Many epidemiologists have quoted that incubating is doing the opposite we have already seen the effect through mutation in the virus and it’s getting aggressive. We’re not there yet to reinvent the immune process so quickly with the lack of clinical trials on different ages, body types, and genders when it comes to our native immune response to cure this new virus. For example, this isn’t cancer we do not need an extreme level of chemo we are jumping ahead of nature, the immune system has different levels of natural buffers and it’s affecting all body types differently, hence everyone has had a different immune response. Our human system will build up immunity we just have to stop re-shaping up our natural system defense.

Chickenpox spread for your child to build an immune system the child has to fight the virus

COVID-19 is like the flu it could kill some people, we don’t need to spread the vaccine we need to boost the immune system slowly and monitor the results for symptoms.

The level of the viruses is different because of the environments the virus can get upset and more aggressive due to the lack of naturality. Instead of a weapon, we need a nature-based medical approach that easily understands the impact of medical data vs patient intuition. Natural solutions can adapt to different body types because they are much more effective with the body’s natural immune system function, while effectively working with everyday lifestyle habits improve your overall inflammation health.


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