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4 min readOct 1, 2021



An Unprecedented Medical Trial

As the field of multi-omic evaluations evolves, we are doing our part to further the use of epigenetic methylation testing in a clinical application. While the pandemic is waking up the world to a global immune reset and a change in healthcare, ONOGEN’s DNA study is designed to test innovative biohacking medical models using science-backed methodologies to deliver personalized medicine safely.

To facilitate the delivery and implementation of this program we have developed a three-phase protocol aiming to upgrade an individual’s biology, reset the inner chemistry to healing mode and biohack some of the natural genetic powers. The program will be delivered under an IRB clinical trial, we are currently recruiting patients who are interested to participate in it.

The trial is designed to not only deliver your personalized anti-aging and immunity optimization plan on demand to you, at the comfort of your own house or office, using an Uber-like model to provide on-demand care, it also takes less than 30 minutes per visit.

Recommendations are all generated after filling out a comprehensive medical questionnaire and tested via biomolecular profiling that includes the determination of an individual’s Immunity Age. The protocols are assigned based on our therapeutic algorithms that specifically address biomolecular gaps and imbalances even before they manifest as symptoms and/or medical problems.

This model is designed to guarantee scalability, aiming to collaborate on the process of creating a molecular foundation for tomorrow’s medicine by creating and validating the first AI Medical Engine designed to deliver personalized biomolecular medicine protocols aiming to take your health status “beyond wellness”.


Individual’s protocols will all comprise of three different phases that might be delivered all during the first session or in different therapeutic sessions depending upon the individual’s medical profiling and preference.


PRIME, phase I is designed to provide you with our signature physician selection of specific biomolecular active ingredients — micronutrients, minerals, methyl factors, and antioxidants. PRIME IV is the key therapy of this phase.

Founded on the belief that you are operating most of the time at just a fraction of your full potential due to unrecognized gaps within your biomolecular and nutritional core. This approach intends to upgrade your biology nutritionally and genetically to achieve its full biomolecular potential.​

Your personalized PRIME IV will be specifically designed to meet your unique biomolecular cellular needs and optimize your DNA methylation which has been found to greatly impact the health of your genes. Promoting good genes to express better and preventing bad genes from turning on. These therapies are all personalized for you based on the results of your online medical assessment and biomolecular profiling.​​

Your PRIME IV may consist of one or multiple sessions depending on your personal biomolecular needs. Other oral enhancers or testing may be added to your personalized plan to address further possible deficiencies.


RESET, phase II is specifically designed to switch your body’s inner chemistry from inflammation/aging mode to healing/anti-aging mode. Developed on the belief that your body’s inner chemistry is in constant motion, switching from survival/stress mode to healing/recovering mode allows the body to keep that delicate balance needed for the body to recover and heal optimally, slowing down the aging process.

This balance depends upon a delicate signaling system produced by your stem cells and immune system, known as exosomes. Filled with healing messages, these nano-sized communication vesicles decrease inflammation and prevent immunosenescence.

By combining cutting edge neuroimmune behavioral strategies with the novel science of exosomes, once your body has been primed, this phase is targeted to enhance your natural coping, healing, and genetic powers, to help you increase resilience, cope with stress better, and achieve more in your day to day with less effort.

Potent anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating natural effects have become a promising clinical nanomedicine tool for the treatment and prevention of different age-related diseases. At present, the therapeutic use of exosomes is still under research.


GO, phase III is specifically designed to enhance your body’s natural healing and rejuvenating powers by naturally enhancing specific gene expression. Based on the science of peptides, short fragments of amino acids, normally produced by your body, this phase is founded on the belief that your natural healing and genetic powers can be enhanced.

Peptides produced by your body are key to repair tissue and even gene alteration that may occur with aging, stress, and chronic inflammation. Our body is meant to heal and stay healthy. Specific gene activation is a therapeutic technique that is under development and being studied currently.

Sign up by clicking here for a chance to participate in this biohacking experience. Participants will be provided medical therapies and data on the following:

DNA Study Waitlist (typeform.com)

We will be taking this research data to analyze how lifestyle, genetics, and immunity are correlated in addressing the science of longevity and personalized medicine. We are looking to validate this innovative diagnostic and therapeutic tool and find ways to bring it to the general public.

We are in the process of raising capital to fund the study, if this phase is completed successfully medical therapies may be provided at a lower cost for some of the participants.

We envision this to become a movement that champions patient preference, intuition, and values as equal to medical expertise.




ONOGEN is a biotech startup delivering personalized biomolecular medicine by renovating healthcare and the existing medical model.