Love + Stem Cells

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Inner Chemistry Is Interconnected With Happiness

So, I decided that I want to put together a research plan to use exosomes that are the messengers, the love vesicles, full of those healing messages, and give these to patients who have high inflammatory markers in their blood and try to get their inner chemistry back to it’s natural balance. I know there are a lot of people that think that if you meditate you can become stress-free, but we cannot become stress-free. Who can ever become stress-free? We need to become stress-proof, understanding the chemistry of stress and the relation of brain chemicals associated with calming your mind through a technique like meditation can help people understand the chemistry of happiness.

Emotional balance occurs when you meet that line of synergy between mind and body meeting to create positivity, the feeling you get post-meditation when anything positive happens you produce oxytocin, and studies have proved that oxytocin kills cancer cells. When a cell is exposed to oxytocin it rejuvenates its abilities even for normal human cells, and even all animal cells like the study, regeneration of cells occurs from the positive response. So in simple terms when people say love heals, they mean it All these things that are increasing, help us to increase awareness and focus to be marinated in love. Help keep our genes expressing at their optimal level and to keep us youthful internally and externally.


My whole COVID analysis led to one protocol that I proposed since the beginning of the pandemic using the collection of data I had to my disposal. I ordered Thymosin Alpha, first because I that could help me, and could like help my patients to improve their immune system during lockdown when we wouldn’t have enough access to a lot of things.

There is a study that shows that patients that are given Thymosin Alpha when they are ill have had mortality lessen due to a weak immune system. By provoking those patients with Thymosin Alpha they had an increase to tier general immune response. Other studies have tested growth hormones and vitamin D levels impacted the immune system’s restoration. I created a COVID-19 protocol called GO which gives all the micronutrients a human needs for their internal environment to stay optimized, provided them with pharma-grade exosomes, to overcome, the imbalance in the inflammatory response, and use an approach with peptides to optimize the activator for the specific genes that we want to activate based on their genetics to function in this new pandemic environment.

From pandemic problems to epigenetic enhancements that’s is how I am going to close my book which is coming soon by the end of 2021. I’ll be including these fascinating findings and protocols and recommendations on how ONOGEN is practicing tomorrow’s medicine today.

I have millennials and 70+-year-olds who are extremely motivated to live better just after one appointment with me. My medical methodologies are patient-centered which has given my patients to be more proactive in their health and life in general. By motivating them through informative education personalized for their unique needs. The accuracy levels of recommendations are what have provided them to have optimized health levels even during the pandemic with so many factors impacting their mind-body health, they’ve been immune resilient. New Yorkers say “New York tough” I call my patients “Immune tough” to celebrate there immune resiliency.

Emotions and Immunity

ONOGEN’s patients started a therapy that I created during 2020, IMMUNITY GO specifically designed to enhance the immune system functionality. This therapy was positively accepted by my patients, it made sense to have a well-working immune system and to use their telomere treatments to enhance not only their DNA length but the full healing powers of their immune system. I collected different research from the novel prized telomere studies to my own data at ONOGEN, and different levels of biological markers. This came about Immunity Age, this specific marker is a change-making marker that I am trying to validate with different tests to check the naive T cells with the epigenetic clock because I do feel that patients need the lifestyle recommendations on an algorithm to see how well they are aging.

As I started to age, I deep-dived into how the immune system’s healing properties work. I did training on stem cells and become aware of the advances in exosomes and peptides and how improving hormone health can affect your telomeres. That specific peptide could activate certain genes, the first level of therapy because right now Dr. Sinclair is activating youthful genes, giving a little piece of something inside a little piece of information, MRI mRNA, into inside of the capsule and put it in the cell with that there’ activation of genes, and they’re making cells rejuvenate. Dr. Sinclair is pushing for this method which can help biotech enhance genes in the very near future.

But why don’t we have that today so we can use that for the benefit of patient’s today and have tomorrow’s medicine today? That’s been the question of my medical methododlgy which resulted in a long-term longevity solution which are my innovative protocols. Prime, reset, and go.

So first, micronutrient optimization, there is plenty of data about how micronutrients and certain nutrients improve the health of your genes, your gene maintenance, your DNA methylation, and your telomeres. Using that research I’ve optimized the first protocol to be focused on priming the body. Functionally checking certain numbers and biomarkers like cell functionality. The interaction and reactive process of cells with nutrients.

Reset comes in to reset your body’s internal process, through personalized formulations for your inner chemistry to rest. It is all about what your system is, how the functions flows and how happy your immune system is. Keeping the immune system to it’s highest level is key for your inner chemistry to stay resilient. Which results in healthy longevity, the first sign I got from a another study which highlighted a similar analysis to my reset protocol. When you connect all rats with a young rat and you, exchange blood, there is a certain substance in the old rat’s blood that makes the young rat to age faster.

I am a pro-animal lover, I did not conduct this study nor do I like when they use animals in studies. This is strictly to show the analysis of the aging process. The young rat gets the blood of the young rat, we see an increase in brain neurogenesis, aka increased regeneration, muscle regeneration on wound healing. We notice that there is some certain substance that increases in the blood of the old rats that makes this happen. So, it is not like the stem cells, we thought it was the stem cells from the young rat to the old rat. Yet in fact, those are substances that are coming from the urine that are activating the old blood stem cells and reactivating regeneration.

What I’ve studied in humans, is similar. I mean, these inflammatory messages from the immune system and these anti-inflammatory regenerative messages and healing messages when we are happy, we have more positive chemical interactions, and less inflammatory reactions.

When inflammatory markers increase to the point that overwhelms the anti-inflammatory rate it impacts your natural biomolecular balance.

And when these become repetitive when we stay in a chronic stress mode, we see that that cause chronic inflammation, chronic inflammation, cause immunosenescence, and immunosenescence, grows more inflammatory, much more inflammatory molecules. And that becomes a vicious cycle. That is how his stress impact badly in our aging process and biological clock and immune system.




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