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4 min readOct 1, 2021


Chief Biohacker | ONOGEN

Dr. De Freitas is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Biohacker of ONOGEN, a biotech company with a mission to set a new foundation for renovating healthcare and the existing medical model through personalized biomolecular medicine. Now progressing through her personalized approach of understanding telomere shortening and upgrading it to telomere lengthening.

Her Background

She has spent much of her professional life challenging the status quo in the pursuit of improving medicine and healthcare. Her mantra — Is this the best it can be? — along with her passion and determination has drawn her to the center of a now-burgeoning field, establishing herself as personalized biomolecular medicine, IV Therapy, and longevity expert in the field of regenerative medicine.

Telomere Queen and The Alchemist, are along with many nicknames her patients, friends, and staff have given her trying to describe her unique combination of talents and gifts. Her impressive academic background and training at Yale Medicine, profound knowledge, longevity protocols, and unique approach to IV Therapy, along with her, positive energy, empathy, and integrity, engage and empower her patient in a very unique way, to biohack their health and unleash their natural superpowers, to become the healthiest, happiest and absolute best version of themselves.​

Dr. De Freitas wants medicine in the future to be more personalized, participative, and precise using a proactive approach with biotechnology. She wants to lead the quest by creating meaningful solutions that help us to get there faster, including an ambitious plan of building an AI platform that provides longevity protocols and recommendations.

Her Medical Journey

Operating since 2016, ONOGEN, first started as a one-woman-doctor operation run from a medical spa in Hollywood Beach and there has rapidly transformed into a medical movement, providing personalized IV Therapy protocols and services in multiple medical offices across different states.

“There is an awakening in medicine and especially in the field of regenerative and anti-aging medicine. Today, more than ever, medicine is poised to unleash the potential of informatics and genomics to improve our patients’ lives,” — Dr. De Freitas.

She has realized that standard of care, “one size fits all” is no longer the best strategy to determine an individual’s therapies. Applying a biomolecular and patient-centered approach using the latest science to determine an individual’s genetic, biomolecular and telomere profiling can not only help us to extend a patient’s lifespan but also deliver a healthier and higher quality of life, known as healthspan. The earlier you start the better you can stave off the effects of aging and its related degenerative diseases.”

The historical significance of telomeres in health and aging came to public attention when Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider, and Jack W. Szostak won the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine in 2009 for their discovery of “How chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase.”

Chief Biohacker | ONOGEN

Her Telomere Science

Since then, significant research has shown that keeping our telomeres, the DNA protein caps at the end of chromosomes that protect our genetic data. In optimal conditions, they can protect us from diseases and physiological deterioration associated with aging. Every patient knows that they must follow healthy habits as they age — exercise, sleep well, eat healthily, not smoke, etc but they now know that there is more to that.

There are cutting edge medical diagnostics such as functional micronutrient profiling in combination with genetic and telomere length analysis that can provide us with insights to create custom IV therapies that target an individual’s cellular functions at a molecular level, improving individual energy, physical performance, brain clarity, mood, and sex drive, impacting every area of individuals’ lifestyle and improving the chance of individuals achieving their absolute highest potential.

Frequent monitoring and therapy adjustment are also essential and unique pieces of Dr. De Freitas’ unique method. Frequent monitoring and adjustment allow us to maintain individual biomolecular balance optimal, boosting individual’s capacity to cope with stress, enhancing their physical and mental capacity while promoting well-being, resiliency, and healthy longevity. This is revolutionary in the field of medicine.

She envisions her AI platform and protocols to continue growing as a movement that champions patient-centered, precise intuition, and medical values to equalize the standards for better medicine, for tomorrow’s medicine today.

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ONOGEN is a biotech startup delivering personalized biomolecular medicine by renovating healthcare and the existing medical model.